5 Reasons You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

If you are like I used to be, you absolutely cringe and are boggled at the idea of having your birth photographed.  All you can think about is how someone is going to be taking pictures of your lady bits and the photos will look like a murder scene.  If that is how you think it is going to go, I don't blame you for not wanting a birth photographer.  But I'm going to give you five reasons for why you should hire a birth photographer.  Here we go.  


1.  The Memories of Your Baby

This is one of the most important days of your life.  You're going to want it documented.  You may not be thinking about it when you are in labor, but, in the future, when you are taking your sweet five-year-old to his/her first day of Kindergarten, you'll be extremely grateful you had the courage to get a birth photographer so you have those pictures to go home and weep on.  


2.  The Memories of Your Husband 

My favorite pictures my sisters took during my labors are the ones of my husband supporting me and the first moments of him holding our babies.  To see the love in his eyes for our new little bundle is something I will cherish forever and having an actual photograph of this moment is very special to me.


3.  To allow your husband to be present.

After you have a baby, you will have skin-to-skin for a while, they will do the baby's measurements, and a few other things.  I remember asking my husband to go take pictures of our last baby getting all that done.  I wish I would have had someone else there to do that so he could have been 100% present instead of bothering with the camera on his phone.


4.  To allow YOURSELF to be present.

Believe me, after having just birthed a small human, you are going to want to lay back and relax without having to direct your husband or mom to get all your desired shots.  Devoting this much of your thoughts to pictures instead of your new little boy or girl is only going to create an inordinate amount of mama guilt and trust me when I say mama guilt is real and it's no joke.  To minimize this as much as possible, it's best to hire someone to handle all the details for you - which leads me to the last reason.


5.  Professional is best.

I may be biased but professional photos are the best.  Professional photographers know the best angles, what photos to capture, and will be able to provide you with a great stylized session to capture the magic of your child's birth.  Not only that, but professionals will often times meet up with you at least once for a consultation well in advance of your due date to go over all the minor details of your special day.  During your consultation your photographer will discuss what shots you want captured, your birth plan and how they'll fit into it, and how they can best serve you when you are in labor.  


Do yourself a favor and hire a professional birth photographer.  I promise you won't regret it!