New Year, New Goals

I know what you're thinking, "Not another New Years resolution post."   Well yes, I have some things to say and you should listen up!  I have always been the type of person who gets overly excited about the new year and setting these lovely "resolutions".  The goals I would set would look something like this - lose all the pounds, read my Bible every single day, be a better person, etc.  They were always too broad and I would give up in the middle of January which would make me feel worse about myself.  This year, I took a step back and really focused on what I wanted and needed out of 2018.  My photography business has a lot of room for growth, my spiritual and mental health needs more attention - not just reading my Bible but also building a stronger relationship with Christ, my kids need more of my focus/attention and I need to consider my husband's needs on the daily.   All of these goals have helped me come up with my word of the year - DISCIPLINE.  Good grief, could that word be any more intimidating?  Discipline has never been my strong suit which has made me pretty lazy.  Yep, I admit it, I can be extremely lazy - a lot.   I have been listening to the book "The Miracle Morning" on Audible and it has changed my whole outlook on what I should be doing before 8 AM.  This has changed my day drastically. Before I started doing this, I would sleep until the kids woke up and if they woke up before 6:30 (which was basically everyday), I was one cranky mama.  My biggest problem was that I wouldn't go to bed until 11 PM or midnight.  In my mind, I had been "momming" all day and just wanted some time to get things accomplished on my own personal list and I wanted to hang out with my husband.  With me going to bed before 10 PM, I am able to wake up at 5:30 AM ready to conquer the day.  I have made AM and PM goals which have helped a ton.  I follow @weescoutphotos on Instagram and she goes into great detail on these.  Remember, these are my goals, not my schedule.


  • Scripture/prayer/affirmations
  • Podcast while getting ready
  • Eat breakfast while continuing podcast or listen to worship music
  • Workout 
  • Play with the kids with no interruptions/read with them
  • Smoothie (I'm terrible at getting my greens in so I schedule it!)


  • Dinner together - ask questions and visit
  • Brush kid's teeth (Yep, I have to have a reminder!)
  • Family prayers/devotion 
  • Continue Ed. for photography (A big goal for me is to learn something new about photography every single day)
  • Spend time with my husband.

I am also a visual person which makes writing things down essential for me.  Also, since I am a creative person, visually pleasing products make me super happy!  One of those items is my Erin Condren planner.  I just ordered a new one and it's not in just yet so I will share my 2017 planner which they still have on their website!  When my planner comes in, I will share everything it comes with.  




Come back soon to read more on tips to rock 2018!  I will be sharing books, podcasts, influencers, etc.




- Brittani