Frequently Asked Questions

General Business


+ Do you have a studio?

Yes and no. I do not have my own portrait studio. However, I am so excited to be teaming up with The Nest on May. The Nest is a beautiful studio that I am a member of. There are tons of backdrops and floordrops to choose from and a plethora of props we can use for your session.

+ Are you willing to travel for my session?

Absolutely! I primarily shoot in the OKC metro area but if you would like me to travel a bit further just let me know and we can work something out.

+ How long will it take to receive my images?

Your images will be ready and included in an online gallery 10-15 business days after your photography session.

+ What happens if the weather doesn't work with us?

I will be more than happy to reschedule at no cost to you!

+ Is there a limit to how many family members can be included in family photos?

There is no limit to how many immediate family members (mom, dad, siblings) can be included in a family session. Extended family members can be included at no additional charge provided the group size does not exceed six members. There will be a $10 additional charge per extended family member in cases where the overall group has exceeded six members. Here's a few examples to get an idea for how this works.

Example 1

Mom + Dad + Brother + Sister = 4 total members, all immediate family, no additional charge

Example 2

Mom + Dad + 3 Brothers + 3 Sisters = 8 total members, all immediate family, no additional charge

Example 3

Mom + Dad + Brother + Sister + Nana = 5 total members, 4 immediate family + 1 extended family but still less than 6 total, no additional cost

Example 4

Mom + Dad + 3 Brothers + 3 Sisters + Aunt Tara + Uncle Grant = 10 total members, 8 immediate family + 2 extended, additional charge of $20

+ What if my kids don't cooperate?

As a mother of three littles, I understand kids sometimes don't cooperate. If this happens, don't worry. I will find ways to capture your kids If your kids can't find it in themselves to be still for the posed family portrait, we will find fun ways to get your kids engaged in the session. We'll be creating memories - the images captured here tend to be the favorites of the session.

+ I found this great photo on Pinterest. Can we incorporate it into my session?

Of course! I love when people share their visions with me. I will do my best to incorporate it in your session. Keep in mind, however, that if we are too focused on recreating another photographer's shot, we might lose the time needed to create your own unique photos.


Digitals and Image Products


+ Are digitals included in the cost of my session?

Yes! I do offer beautiful photography products which will be available for purchase in your gallery.

+ Do you edit every photo from my session?

I do not. At the start of every editing session, I will cull the initial gallery (which consists of hundreds of images captured during your portrait session) of any blurry/out-of-focus images, images in which your eyes are closed, and duplicate images. The remaining images will be fully edited and will look amazing displayed in your home.

+ Where should I print my images?

I use an out-of-state professional printing lab who turns my digital images into gorgeous prints, wall art, and so much more. I highly recommend letting me print them for you. All you need to do is let me know what you want printed and I will take care of the rest! However, you are not obligated to order prints through me. Each session includes a print release if you choose to have your images printed elsewhere.

+ Do you offer holiday cards/birth announcements?

I do! Some of the sessions I offer include holiday cards or birth announcements. If your session does not include cards/announcements but you would like to order some, just let me know and we can discuss available options.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I offer payment plans and tailor them to each client's needs. For more information about this, please contact me and we can discuss it.